Apply for an Au Pair Visa | Au Pair in Europe

Au Pair Visa France

A long stay visa(D) is required for any stay in France that exceeds 90 days. After you are placed with the host family and have received your contract. Allow 1 – 3 weeks for processing.

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Au Pair Visa UK

Au Pairs should apply online for a Working Holiday / Youth Mobility visa. The Working Holiday / Youth Mobility visa can be applied for at any time. Most visa applications are processed within 15 days.

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Au Pair Visa Holland

Candidates from most countries may enter the Netherlands without a visa, as a tourist, and the host family will submit the work permit application after arrival.

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Au Pair Visa Italy

Candidates must apply for a Working Holiday visa through the Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver. Visa processing can take 4 – 6 weeks.

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Au Pair Visa Germany

Most au pairs may apply for the visa and residency permit before OR after arrival. If after arrival, the au pair must wait approximately 12 weeks before starting work. 

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Au Pair Visa Spain

Au pairs in Spain may come on a Working Holiday visa (Canada, Australia, New Zealand) or a student visa (United States). No visa is required for stays 90 days or less. More information coming soon …

Apply Now to be an Au Pair in Europe

Complete applications must be submitted minimum 4 months in advance. Part 1 of the application process will require a copy of your resume, a “Dear Host Family” letter and photo ID. You will also be required to accept the terms of the International Au Pair Association agreement ensuring high standards for both the au pair and the host family. After reviewing your file, the Program Assistant will contact you to let you know if you are accepted to the program and will send you instructions for PART 2 of the au pair application.

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