Au Pair Packing Tips | What to Pack When You’re Going Abroad as an Au Pair

If you are planning to work abroad as an au pair in Europe, there are some things you should consider when packing your bags. So if you’re not sure what to pack before leaving here are a few au pair packing tips!

Appropriate clothes for your workplace: comfy pants and shoes! One formal outfit and one bathing suit…

Bring some of your favourite comfy clothes that you will feel good lounging around the house in or getting messy with the kids. Also a pair of sneakers is essential since you will probably spend time outside with the kids and don’t forget your bathing suit since you may be swimming with the children. Don’t forget to pack at least one nice formal outfit which would be appropriate for a host family’s party or outing that you may attend with the family or new friends.

Your own toiletries/makeup products

You don’t need to pack a lot of toiletries but you might want to bring certain products you need or those that are not as easily found in the country which you are going to. Pack enough to get you through the first few weeks and after that go shopping to get to know your new local area and shops. Trust me, you likely do not need to pack a year’s supply of anything anywhere you are going!

Bring some basic medications with you

Some basic medications like pain relief or cold/flu medicines could be more expensive than your home country so it is convenient to bring some along with you. Also if you are on prescription medication, bring enough to last you for the duration of your time abroad. Make sure it is all well-labeled and stored away from the children!

A small gift for your host family

It is nice to give a gift to your host family and they will appreciate your gesture of kindness. A gift doesn’t need to be expensive or big. It could be an English book for the kids or a specialty from your home country.

Pictures with your family or friends: feel at home away from home…

Having a few thousand photos on your phone just isn’t the same. Pack a few favourite photos of family and friends and decorate your new room with them. If you are homesick, this is one of good way to keep your loved ones close.


Ok maybe this is a little old-school but packing a favourite recipe book or at least having a good Pinterest board with easy recipes will certainly help you to prepare delicious & healthy meals for your new au pair family!

What are other essential items an au pair should pack? What do you wish you had packed or had left at home? Share your packing tips in the comments below!

Bon voyage!