Au Pair in Europe: Family Profile

Sample Family Profile



Au Pair – Family is looking for female applicants with excellent English skills.
12 months
The family attends church occasionally.
There is a 6 year old girl and her name is Madelief. She has a little brother Daan, who is 5 years old. And then they have Robijn, the little girl of almost 2 years old. Madelief and Daan go to school every day of the week from 8.30 until 15.00. Robijn stays at home.
Dutch and English
Hours a week:
Approximately 30 hours per week. Generally three full days each week. Housework would be approximately an hour per day.
There is only light housework involved including; light grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, tidying the children’s play areas. There is a cleaning lady who comes to clean each week.
The house is located in a little village 10km out of Leiden, one of Holland’s most vibrant student towns. The house has recently been renovated. You have your own room, including a shower and sink. It is a fully detached house near the village centre and beautiful natural surroundings. Your language course will be in Leiden (only 20 minutes by bus) and there will be bus stop next to the house. All big cities such as the capital Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht can be easily reached by public transport.
You will have your own bedroom and shower in the attic of the house. There is also internet, cable TV, radio and CD player in your room. There will also be a bike for your own use.
€325 per month. They will cover a language course for €275,- if the course is completed and you stay for at least 6 months. You would also receive a €10 per month phone allowance.
Room & Board is included.
Driver is not necessary, however, you should be able to ride a bike.
The family would only accept a true non smoker.
There is a little rabbit in a wooden box in the garden.
Michael is in real estate and will work a Monday to Friday from 8:15 until 18:00 or so. Dorine is a Lawyer and generally at the office four days per week (Thursday is her day off, so that the au pair or nanny will be off at that day). Michael and Dorine fill their weekends up with visiting family, cycling with the kids and walking along the beach. Dorine loves to shop and swim.  Madelief is a very active girl, loves to swim, cycle, do gymnastics, play hockey etc.
Daan is a quiet and really easygoing boy. Robijn is a very happy little girl who imitates her brother and sister all day long. The au pair or nanny would be needed for taking care of the kids when mother is in the office. The duties are: making and giving breakfasts and dinner, giving them a bath, changing diapers, getting Madelief and Daan ready in the morning, bringing them to school, picking them up from school, taking them to the park, playing with them and stimulating the kids to learn new things.

Basically, the family needs a girl who is flexible and open minded and caring for Madelief, Daan and Robijn. They will need someone who is calm but active, reliable but flexible. An honest, happy, self-reliant and motivated girl who could work independently would do well here. It is important for the family that the au pair/nanny has a lot of energy and likes to go outside with the kids. Furthermore, the family will help the au pair/nanny in meeting other au pairs and building up a social life in addition to the family life.

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