Meet Katie: An Au Pair in Paris

Europe!! 237Katie comes from British Columbia, Canada and is spending this summer as an au pair in Paris. Katie stays with a host family with 2 girls ages 6 and 21 months. She works 20 – 25 hours per week taking care of the children and has her own independent accommodation in the same building as the family. We checked in with Katie a few times and here she tells us a bit about her life as a summer au pair in Paris.

May 12th – Katie arrived in Paris on May 11th from London where she was visiting family and traveling. Her host family picked her up at Gare du Nord.

My family here is so wonderful. I couldn’t have dreamed of more accomodations! My place is very nice and furnished, with more than I even need, and their home as I’ve been told is my home too. They’re all very, very nice. Alix is very crazy and talks fast, so I’ll have to learn French fast! Astrid is very cute and also moves fast; both kids are really energetic, and I love it so far!

Today I saw the Eiffel Tower on the way to the house!! I can’t believe it!!

May 29th – Since it takes some time to settle in, we checked in on Katie a few weeks after her arrival. Boy, did she have a lot to tell! Katie is really making the most out of her time in Paris, and just 18 days after her arrival she’d already done and saw so many things (including meeting David Beckham, picture below). She’d also settled in nicely with the host family, even though she was ill and there were some frustrations with the language.

I’m doing well being here! Since saturday I have been really, really sick, thanks to Astrid! But the parents are very nice and understanding, and my host mom has given me medicine to help. 

I feel really welcomed by the family! They’re so, so nice, and I definitely feel like part of the family. My routine is good, and I’m used to it now which is nice. Alix sometimes gets frustrated due to my lack of complete French understanding, but I’m pretty good at calming her down and making her happy again.

July 23rd – In the midst of a summer heatwave in France, and just a week before finishing her au pair program in France, Katie wrote to us to say:

I just got back from 5 days in Sweden! I met another Au Pair who lives there, and I got to visit Boras, Gothenburg, and travel on their boat up the coast for a few days!! I’m having the best summer!!

Only huge bummer is my room. The heat is really unbearable in here. I only have one little skylight for a window, and the blind has to be shut in the day so it doesn’t trap all the heat. I have a fan, but it’s really only blowing the hot air around. However at night my host mum has offered for me to sleep downstairs, so I might take her up on that.

Other than that one thing, I have checked off everything on my list, have seen everywhere possible in Paris and have done some traveling! I can’t believe I will be home in one week!!

Eiffel Tower My Studio Apartment in Paris Paris Apartment





Berlhillon, the "best ice cream and sorbet in Paris" With another au pair from Vancouver David Beckham @ Boulevard Haussmann!





Scuba Lessons! First Crepe Wine in front of the tower!





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