11 Qualities of a Good Au Pair

While it’s very exciting to think about living abroad for a year and immersing yourself in another language and culture, being an au pair takes special talents and skills. What are the important qualities of a good au pair?

1. Punctual

You might need to bring kids to school or there are some jobs should be done by certain time. So keep yourself organised and prepared.

2. Responsible  

Host families are looking for mature and responsible au-pair to keep their kids safe and sound.

3. Creative  

Be creative and come up with new games or craft projects to the children. Kids will love to be entertained by your creative activities and they will learn a lot from it! Our Pinterest board has some great ideas!

4. Flexible

Be flexible with your schedule, plan or whatever you have in your mind because you will never expect what happen next especially with kids.

5. Multilingual – or have at least the basics !

Make sure you will be able to have basic conversation with your host family. Many families hosted previous au pairs and know how difficult it can be to speak another language. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to make a mistake! Check out our polyglot friend Benny who can show you how to dive right into a language and make fast progress.

6. Lovable

Who doesn’t want to be with bubbly and lovable person?  If you are the one who can bring out happy vibe, kids want to play with you all the time.

7. Respectful

Be polite and confident. As you show respect for your host family, they will respect you as a part of their new family member.

8. Initiative

Host families don’t want to tell you to do every little thing. So make a decision and take an action, if you think it is right thing to do. They will be appreciated your hard work.

9. Adventurous

This is great opportunity to experience different culture so don’t hesitate to meet people and try new food.

10. Communicative

It is very important to communicate and understand kids on their level. Also always share your thoughts or concern about kids or your work with your host family.

11. Adaptable

Being adaptable and open-mind makes you learn and understand new circumstances easier and faster.

Can you think of any other important qualities of an au pair?