Skype Interview Tips for Au Pairs & International Interns

Whether you are planning to au pair in France or take a professional internship in Canada, you will likely need to have a Skype interview with your hosts. Here are 5 tips on how to have a good Skype interview.

Skype-per-Android-3_0-Tablet-VideoCall1. Sit in a well lit area with a window or light behind your computer

Surroundings and light play an important role in creating a good first impression via Skype. So set the bright scene around you and keep the background tidy and clean.

2. Dress in solid, lighted coloured clothing

Most people choose to do their Skype interview at home. It’s a good advantage to have an interview in the comfort of your home but don’t forget to dress properly. Choose a professional outfit and go for light, solid coloured clothing. You don’t want to look too dark or gloomy nor detract from your face with  a crazy printed shirt!

3. Look at the camera, not at the screen

Making eye contact is very important during a conversation and so is it during a Skype interview. Often people make a mistake by looking at the screen and not at the camera. You will look confident and well-engaged if you look into the camera.

4. Check your posture, the lighting and camera angle in Skype Preferences

Double check the surroundings and camera angle. It will be helpful to practice the interview at least once or twice before the call. The more you are prepared for the interview, the more likely you are to ace it!

5. Speak slowly and clearly, wait for the answers

As with all interviews, it is important to speak clearly and show an interviewer that you are full of energy and engaged in the conversation. Also remember there could be a bad connection or delay because of technical problems, so try to speak slowly and wait for the answers from the interviewer.

And the last key to a successful Skype interview … smile !