What to do with your free time as an Au Pair in Europe

As an au pair in Europe, you will certainly have time off, usually weekends, as well as a short vacation period during your stay. Just in case if you don’t know what to do when you have free time, here are few tips for you to make the most of your gap year in Europe.547129_10151012879841073_1083929514_n.jpg

Take fun classes from community There are free language lessons or with reasonable price, you can find fun classes in your community; cooking, yoga, or dance classes that you can learn something and foreign language. This is one of the great way to make new friends as well.

Be a tourist! – You are in Europe and there are tons of places that you can travel around. Sightseeing attractions like museum, historical buildings, and galleries that only you can get to see in Europe are must-go place. If it is long weekend or your vacation time, you can easily travel to another countries. This is the biggest advantage when you live in Europe; you can take a trip to another country within a short train ride.

Enjoy the beautiful nature around you – Many cities in Europe have beautiful landscapes and you gotta enjoy what’s around you. You can go hiking or do seasonal activities such as canoeing or cycling, this is good way to get to know your area and keep you in good health. Because Europe has so many world famous ruins and historical places, the trail you are on probably has great history and just might be on someone’s bucket list! How awesome it is!

Just relax – You have been working hard and it is time to relax. You moved to Europe to travel and work but you also need to recharge yourself to keep up the good work! Reading books or watching movies at home helps you to refresh from hard work. Sometimes a stay-cation can be the best vacation.

Catch up with your family and friends – Call or Skype with your family and friends when you have free time. Just talking with them and sharing your photos and adventures will help you relax.