What others are saying!

It’s always good to know what others have to say about a product or service.  It’s the same in the study abroad industry.  Knowing about other peoples opinions and experiences can help you make a decision about where to study or take your next working holiday.

Young people are very mobile these days, taking internships, language courses and university degrees all over the world.  Students are not studying just English anymore either; competitive, forward-thinking young adults study languages like Mandarin or Spanish and take professional internships and work programs in countries like China, Ireland, Canada or Argentina!  Here’s what a few students have to say about these types of programs.

Student Testimonials from Expanish Spanish School in Buenos Aires

“A escola é limpa e bem organizada. O staff é muito atencidad e irá te ajudan em tudo o que precisar. As aulas tem intervalos que ajudan os estudantes a “descançan”, e são bem dinâmicas. No sexto piso você pode praticar não somente espanhol, mas seu inglês, francês, alemão… Minha experiência foi nota 10!!!”

“I have had a great 8 weeks meeting some great people and learning not only about the language by the culture and history of Argentina and South America. I strongly recommend Expanish.”

Here’s what Virginia from Switzerland has to say about studying at Expanish in Buenos Aires: “At Expanish I met a lot different people all over the world. The classes were really mixed with every ages and nationalities. The lessons were very intensive, I learned a lot. And there are also lots of activities after school, so you won’t get bored. It was a great experience to visit a language school in Buenos Aires. Thank you!”

Au Pair Testimonial, Northern Ireland


K. is Canadian and spent 1 year an au pair for a family in Northern Ireland. This is what she had to say about her time abroad: “I was able to experience another culture and I got to meet lots of new people! It shaped my career ambition and I have a new-found love of traveling!”


Mandarin House Student Testimonials, Shanghai, China

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Elisa from Italy studied for 2 months in Shanghai.  “I attended lower intermediate level. At the beginning was really hard for me. Now, after 2 months I have got big progresses. It’s exactly what I needed.  I’ve enjoyed a lot of different places. Chinese people are very interesting, very kind and ready to help you.”
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Dirk is from Germany and here is what he had to say about studying at Mandarin House in Shanghai. “The classes are fun.  Students come from all over the world, and the teachers are highly motivated and do a fantastic job handling different levels in classes.”


Lodovico is from Italy and he studies Chinese each summer. “It’s my second year to study in Mandarin House. I love China. Everyone is friendly and nice!  The Great Wall impressed me a lot! Things are so different from where I live in. The culture, the chopsticks…They are amazing! I like it!I have never seen such grand things before!”