Why Au Pair? 5 Reasons to be an Au Pair in Europe

Paris Skyline Eiffel Tower

Source: Taylor Miles

More than just traveling and drinking wine at the Eiffel Tower, there are many long-lasting benefits to becoming an Au Pair.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should be an Au Pair in Europe!

1. Once in a lifetime experience: Exploring different cultures in depth.

You will live with a host family for a significant amount of time and experience daily life together. This is a great way to learn and explore a different culture in depth. You can’t get this experience by just traveling around.

2. Affordable travel: Free room & board plus pocket money.

If you live on your own overseas the cost of living can be expensive but as an au pair, you will receive full room & board, pretty much every cost of living will be taken care of (some families provide a mobile phone and metro pass and even flights) and even you will earn a stipend, an average of 80€ per week in exchange for your work with the kids.

3. Career development: A valuable asset for your future.

Being an Au Pair will improve your foreign language skills. Working and living abroad looks great on any resume and shows you are an independent and hard-working person. If you’re considering a professional career in a childcare related field, even better!

4. Making new friends: Living with locals.

You will be invited to participate in the host family’s events and outings. You are going to watch your host family’s children grow and the family will become your good friends.  You will attend language classes where you will meet other young, curious and independent people. Also you will meet many locals in day-to-day life. Being an au pair is a great opportunity to make new friends.

5. Growing up: Becoming more independent and mature.

Sometimes, it is hard to be away from your home and way outside your comfort zone. As you live in a different country, you will find yourself becoming more independent and confident and able to work with people from different backgrounds and overcome barriers.

Do you need more reasons to be an au pair in Europe? You will find so many other benefits once you become an au pair!